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Nov 13, 2008

11/12/08 knicks post-mortem

After our Grizzlies had jumped out to a 7 point 1st quarter lead, the Knicks answered, catching fire and never once looking back. At least part of the credit for the surge should be given to this man, who came storming off the bench:

I knew things were bad when the little guy beat Kyle Lowry on a jump-ball, a harbinger indeed. Nate Robinson did not miss a shot the rest of the way.

Very few Knicks did miss shots: 60% FG, with nearly the same 3PT percentage of 56%. I think the league avg this season is around 33%. One player I never mentioned in my pregame notes was Wilson Chandler. He killed the Grizzlies and went 11/12 from field hitting 4 treys out of 4 attempted. That's bad. Real bad! A special insult was seeing former Grizzlies bench warmer, Anthony Roberson, coming out and hitting 3 long balls in a row as well on us.

One of the early storylines for Memphis has been their vastly improved defense. That's out the window now. After giving up 100+ points three games in a row you're back at square One. Unfortunately the season is in full swing now, and you can't take a timeout to regroup. They just have to play through it. Hopefully Friday night they can reassert themselves a little. The silver lining is that Grizzlies have prior success to fall back on, but they can't depend on the other team to play into their system.

Going back to my keys from the pregame notes:

keys to the toilet bowl
  • could not stop Nate Robinson, or any jump-shooter on the perimeter
  • Gallinari and Zboy Randolph were not any factors so Gasol is off the hook on this one
  • Duhon and company outplayed us. Javaris Crittenton needs to get in the action - enough said!
  • often failed to give #22 and #32 their shots. I also think Mayo took it upon himself a few times where he should have deferred to Rudy. Someone needs to tell him he's still the apprentice and Rudy Gay is the master - at least this year
  • did not put a body on Jamal at all times. our bodies were elsewhere tonight

Curry has the last laugh

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